Please Read!

Due to an Act of Mother Nature (egg laying slumps) and mechanical failure (incubator problems, we cannot guarantee that the chicks will be sent on the exact date of order, but your order will be shipped as soon as possible. NOTE! If you do not receive your order within three days of the date you have been given for shipping your order will be moved to the following week. We cannot guarantee eggs to hatch because they can be damaged in shipment or incubation problems can occur that we have no control over. With the packaging that we use, there are very few broken eggs if any. We include extra on quail eggs only if box will allow extras to offset any damage. In case you do have excessive damage to eggs or chicks, check with Your post office or UPS for necessary forms and procedures to file claim. We cannot be responsible for damages or loss that occur in shipping, however we will assist in filling out any forms necessary to file damage or loss claims. If you order hatching eggs in cold weather, eggs are subject to freezing this will greatly reduce your hatch rate! Please make sure weather is suitable in your area before ordering,Our customer volume is to large to check every area for correct shipping temp. Order at your own risk! There will be No Guarantee on Hatching Eggs! These eggs are fresh! (always less than 4 days old and are the same eggs we use to hatch!, however they are more difficult to hatch and brood.


All Chicks Are Healthy and Lively When They Are Shipped! We have no control over circumstances after chicks leave our hatchery. Therefore, we can assume no liability for their continuing health or for any other poultry or people, with which they come into contact.


We will only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to make sure that your order does not spend the weekend in a shipping facility.

Depending on size of order shipping rates may vary.

Minimum Orders

The reason we have these minimums is so the birds can keep themselves warm during shipping.