Chukar Partridge (Eggs)


One of the most commonly kept and bred of all game birds, they are known as great birds for the beginner in the hobby, being very easy to keep and breed in captivity.

Chukar Partridge are versatile breeders in captivity.

They can be kept in pairs, trios and even in large colonies. Best fertility is with the smaller groups. Hens begin to lay in April and may lay well into the Summer. Hens may lay a large number of eggs in a season. 40 to 50 eggs per hen is not unusual.

Chukar Partridge, as a rule, will not usually sit on their own eggs, so you will need to gather the eggs and place them in an incubator. Small bantams may be used, but choose only the smallest hens to set. Incubation lasts about 23 days. Chicks are easy to raise. They are very active and require lots of room in the brooder. They are prone to cannibalism, so don't overcrowd in the brooder. They grow quickly and can be placed outside at about 6 weeks of age.

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Chukar Partridge (Eggs)